Why You Should Use Boardroom Web

1. Usability

The interface is simple. Designed specifically for board members and management teams.

2. Easy to Manage

Management and administration tools are built into Boardroom Web. You can easily create new users and Group Spaces; contribute to meetings; track important action items; and vote on important issues.

3. Flexible

Boardroom Web was designed to be flexible. We can meet the needs of small or large organizations.

4. Web-Based

Boardroom Web is accessible from any modern web browser. No special software is required. Usable on a variety of devices.

5. Search-able and Archiving

Boardroom Web is the perfect solution to archive all of your past board meetings. Our powerful search engine allows you to quickly and easily find past meeting minutes, financial reports, and messages.

6. Group Based Permissions

Boardroom Web is organized around Group Spaces. You can setup multiple Group Spaces and manage precisely who has access and exactly what they can do within a Group Space. Each person can only see what they’ve been given access to.

7. Better Communications

Keep your board informed. Boardroom Web can centralize all of your critical board information into one simple and easy to use system. Boardroom Web is protected with SSL encryption, so your information will remain secure.

8. Return on Investment

Boardroom Web is a complete solution that you can offer to your board today. Boardroom Web requires no new software or hardware, it is 100% web-based.