Today, engaged, high-performing board members are essential. Boardroom Web can put you on the fast track to success.

Board roles and responsibilities haven’t changed, but the consequences of board performance and leadership have never been greater. Boardroom Web is made for these times. Boardroom Web maximizes meeting time through intuitive, integrated features. And Boardroom Web leverages the time between meetings, too. These powerful features streamline and organize the decision-making process itself. Even record retention is automated through Boardroom Web.

Communicate, Collaborate, Capture, Consent

Our clients make the point plainly: Optimal decisions aren’t accidental. They are the result of superior communication. Smart strategies are developed when all team members are informed, engaged, and invested. This is the role of Boardroom Web.

Streamlining and simplifying team communication alone yields tangible benefits, but Boardroom Web does much more. This tool facilitates communication between meetings through secure, on-line discussions, polling, and a dynamic “white board.” The result is more thorough airing of issues and opportunities, better focused meeting time, and ultimately, better decisions.

And Boardroom Web can (some say should) be used by other teams in you organization. Our latest generation, released in June 2009, brings these secure, powerful features to virtually any team in your organization.


“We have improved our board reporting process dramatically with the use of Boardroom Web i.e., faster reporting, reduction in copy and delivery charges etc. The document center is great, allowing users access to numerous historical reports, eliminated the need to retain hardcopies. The product is easy to use, feature rich, and well-designed.” Steve Schipull, CFO – SA City Employees FCU

“iTech Northwest’s Boardroom Web has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of communications between Management and our Board of Directors. I can’t envision doing my job without this most valuable tool.” – Joe R. Tofte, CEO Benton County Schools Credit Union

Highlights of Boardroom Web Features

Group Spaces – Your Board isn’t the only decision-making body that will benefit from Boardroom Web™. Now your management team, department teams or even cross-functional project teams can have dedicated, secure Group Spaces. The efficiencies of Boardroom Web™ can be enjoyed throughout your organization. The standard version of Boardroom Web™ provides up to 20 distinct Group Spaces.

User Based Permissions – Each Group Space will have an administrator to assign unique permissions to each team member. Only those Group Spaces that an individual belongs to will be assessable–or even visible–to that individual.

Action Items – Assign Action items and due dates to team members with the option to connect it to a specific meeting. Now everyone can easily stay on top of their to-do list.

Files – Upload all your organizations’ policies, procedures, disaster recovery plans, logo’s, graphics and more to a centralized, secure location that can be accessed by your user’s through any internet connection, any time.

Vote – Manage routine items like the consent agenda BEFORE the meeting allowing the group to focus face time on complex or strategic issues rather than “housekeeping.”

Whiteboard – Collaborate on centralized documents. It’s much easier than emailing documents back and forth! Whiteboard allows for version comparison so users can easily track changes and build consensus.

Messages – Communicate between meeting times. The Messages feature allows your team members to comment on a message posted, or post their own – whenever inspiration hits.

And lots more! Like the ability to archive a meeting to make it an official record. The new Dashboard clearly identifies all recent activities. Site Administrator controls have been enhanced, too. There’s more of course, but we want you to explore Boardroom Web’s new features. Contact us to schedule a demo and see for yourself.